A chance for boys to visit and help those less fortunate

During their years at St Aloysius’ College, students are given the chance to travel to visit communities (in Australia and overseas) which are less fortunate than those we live in.

Immersions allow students to walk in the footsteps of the people they are visiting. These are experiences which take the students out of their culture, and hopefully comfort zones, to learn more of themselves, the world, God and God’s people. Our students spend time working with and serving people who are on the margins of society.

The programs include a number of significant experiences in which our students will participate. The elements of a faith that does justice and a preferential love of the poor are integral to the formation aspect of the program.

Year 9 is the first year students are offered the opportunity of an immersion. This immersion is to Kempsey and the Nambucca area of NSW. Other immersion opportunities occur at the end of Year 10 and during Year 11. These include immersions to the Philippines, Timor-Leste and Dubbo/Gulargambone.

Experience has shown that the boys learn from these immersions, and find their hearts and minds greatly shaped by the experience. They will be given an insight into the struggles of many of our brothers and sisters, to learn from them, and to find God’s presence – even within what might appear to be the most difficult of situations.