Keeping boys fit and strong

The College operates a strength and conditioning program for all boys in the College from Years 7 – 12.

The Strength and Conditioning Program delivers a functional pathway development and fundamental movement skill progressions on all programs.

Young athletes commence with bodyweight plus core exercises and progress to more advanced programs after demonstrating competence in movement patterns, technique, training age, experience and maturation.

Benefits of participating in the program:

  • ​reducing injuries
  • balance 
  • stability
  • mobility
  • increase speed
  • power 
  • muscular strength

There is a compelling body of scientific evidence supporting the use of resistance training by children and adolescents for a wide range of performance, health, and injury reducing benefits.

Research indicates that various forms of resistance training can result in significant performance improvements in muscular strength, power production, running velocity, change of direction speed, and general motor performance in youth.

From a health perspective, evidence suggests that resistance training can make positive alterations in overall body composition, reduce abdominal and trunk fat, improve insulin-sensitivity in overweight adolescents, and enhance cardiac function in obese children.

Importantly, it has also been suggested that regular participation in an appropriately designed exercise program, which includes resistance training, can enhance bone mineral density and reduce sports related injury risk in young athletes.

Speed and Agility Program

The Speed and Agility Program is offered to all students to improve critical components of athletic performance. Many sports require athletes to instantly accelerate, decelerate, rapidly change directions and respond to game situations.

The program aims to improve:

  • reaction, speed and power
  • coordination and rhythm
  • static and dynamic balance
  • dynamic flexibility
  • functional core strength
  • proprioception, body control and efficient mechanics

Speed is an important physical quality that is largely influenced by the ability to accelerate and maintain speed, which is optimised through efficient mechanics and the development of strength and power.

Combining speed with agility enhances the ability to react, change and control the direction of movement with minimal deceleration and maintenance of constant and rapid movement. Practicing speed and agility are foundational attributes in reducing the risk of injury and providing a competitive edge over competitors.