Students who make social justice a priority

Benenson Society

The aim of the Benenson Society is to provide members with the opportunity to be involved in the promotion of human rights through the raising of awareness of violations of these rights and by lobbying governments on behalf of prisoners of conscience, for the end of torture and the death penalty, and asserting the rights of all to basic freedoms. The Benenson Society is open to Senior School students from Years 7 – 12 who accept the fundamental rights of all human beings.

The Society is named after Peter Benenson, the Catholic lawyer who founded Amnesty, and hopefully embodies something of the spirituality, as well as idealism, that led to the formation of Amnesty.

All work of the Society is based upon the foundation principle of the dignity of the human person. The Society believes that every human being has certain rights that cannot be, and must not be, compromised or separated from the individual. The principles of the Benenson Society Club are witnessed in the Ignatian values of a faith that does justice.

The Society encourages its members to take a stand and make a difference, not only through gaining a greater awareness, but through action such as writing letters, petitions, use of social media and other forms of appropriate peaceful protest.

St Vincent de Paul Society

The St Vincent de Paul Society is a lay Catholic organisation whose aim is to aspire to live the gospel message by serving Christ in the poor with love, respect, justice, hope and joy, and by working to shape a more just and compassionate society.

The Society enables every student to perform community service. Members assist in food service for the homeless and take physically disabled people on regular outings.

In 1833, Vinnies was founded by 20 year old University student Frederic Ozanam and a group of his friends. Today, Frederic's passion for social justice is continued by the thousands of members and volunteers across the nation.

There are a variety of ways for members of St Vincent De Paul to make a difference.

  • Buddies Day
  • Night Patrol
  • Winter sleepout

The Sustainability Committee

This Committee meets once a term comprising of students, teachers and parents of St Aloysius’ College and other adults who have a keen interest in the environment.

The aim of the group is to:

  • Work together towards the sustainability of St Aloysius’ College environment.
  • Work with the Property Manager to improve the economic and environmental sustainability of the College
  • Investigate any sustainability initiatives that can be implemented throughout the curriculum, and outside the classroom, celebrating specials days such as ‘Clean Up Australia Day’, ‘Earth Day’, ‘Water Day’.
  • Heighten awareness of the Jesuit network of schools so as to share resources and develop action plans concerning the environment.
  • Provide advocacy relating to Ecology with particular reference to the documents Laudato Si, Healing a Broken World, Our Environmental Way of Proceeding and Care for Creation, Reconciliation with Creation.