Application closing dates and cut offs for admissions

Applications for Years 3 and 5, 2023 and Year 7, 2024 will close on 29 January 2022​ and the entrance examination for these Year groups will be held in February 2022. If you have not yet applied on behalf of your son for one of these Year groups you are invited to do so now. 

The College is also accepting applications for Years 3 and 5 2023 and Year 7, 2024 and beyond.

Year 3 and 5 places are offered in the year before your son commences. Year 7 positions are offered two years before.

How the application process works

Applications can be made to the College from birth. When assessing applications, preference is given to boys who are baptised Catholics, whose families are active members of their Parish and who can show they will be comfortable in the academic environment the College offers. No priority is given to the date of application.

Prospective students are invited to sit an entrance examination (held every February) to determine their academic potential. Before your son can sit the examination, we also require completion of registration documents, including a Parish reference.

Application for Enrolment

Automated Credit Card Payment Authority Form

To assist in determining whether a boy will be a ‘good-fit’ the College considers:

  • the results of his entrance examination and other academic documentation
  • your family’s involvement in a faith community
  • whether your family’s value system is congruent with that of the College

Based on the above criteria, a number of applicants are invited to attend the College with their family for an interview. After the interview process is complete, places are offered to selected boys and, if the place is accepted, an enrolment fee paid to secure the position.

The College is fortunate to receive more applications from many well-deserving candidates than there are places available. All applicants are assessed on their faith and academic potential and consideration is also given to any previous or current association with the College. However, prior or current association cannot guarantee a place will be offered.

Please contact the Registrar’s office via email for more information.

A timeline of the process for easy reference

  • Parents complete application to place son on application list
  • The College mails notification of examination details, and registration paperwork including a request for a Parish reference
  • Parents return completed paperwork by the due date to ensure their son can sit the examination
  • Boys sit examination in February for Years 3, 5 (one year in advance) and 7 (two years in advance)
  • The College reviews each application (including exam results, other supporting documentation and Parish reference)
  • Selected applicants (and their family) are invited to attend an interview
  • Enrolment interviews are conducted
  • Families are notified of the outcome of their application
  • Parents accept or decline position

Contact details for enrolments

Ph: 9936 5535
Email: [email protected]